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What Is ClubQuest?
ClubQuest is an Exotic Performance Arts and Production Studio specializing in Fetish, BDSM, Sex Magick, Tantric Arts, and a variety of other highly erotic theatrical scenarios. We offer private and commercial studio rentals and host special events for our members.

Private Club – Members Only
Members may arrange for studio rentals and attend regular club events.

Vetted Membership
Grants access to extreme events and special club privileges.

How Do I Become A Member?
Register above as a club member, you may then rent studio space and/or attend regular events.

How Do I Become A Vetted Member?
You become vetted when we know you and become assured that you can conduct yourself appropriately in an extreme erotic environment. We will meet with you as a studio rental customer, or at our regular member events, allowing your fellow members and ClubQuest staff to get to know you and consider you for vetting approval.

You can be refused vetted status, lose your vetted status, or have your membership completely revoked at any time for any of the following reasons… You demonstrate a lack of respect for others or their boundaries, you do not maintain appropriate safety and health precautions during play scenes, you do not consistently clean behind yourself as instructed, possession of illegal drugs or excessive drunkenness, any type of harassment or stalking of fellow members… etc.

(Special Note:)
New membership system implemented beginning early 2018. Long standing members of ClubQuest to the front of the line for vetting… you know who you are.

Are Nudity and Sex Allowed at ClubQuest?
Yes… Full nudity and full contact are allowed at all events. ClubQuest is a members only private club. All events are “locked door” with complete discretion assured.

Are Food and Beverages Available?
Yes… ClubQuest is a fully licensed Deli and Pub. We provide catered menus at all events and have a small bar in the social area of the club which serves beer, wine, champagne, soft drinks, bottle water, juices, and more.

If I Am gay/bi/trans Will I Be Welcome?
ClubQuest is a very mixey and open minded environment. Our members are predominantly straight, but we also have LGBT members, transsexuals, and lots of other freeky peeps. Our membership is eclectic, friendly, and open minded.

Legal Rules
· No illegal drugs allowed in or around ClubQuest.
· No food or drink may be brought in from outside.
· Minimum age to enter 18, and 21 to purchase alcohol.

Sanitation Rules
· Shower required before hot tub use. No food or drink allowed in hot tub area.
· No use of hot tub allowed if you have used suntan or massage oils within 24 hours.
· All specialty equipment must be cleaned thoroughly after each use.
· $50 fully refundable cleaning deposit required for use of specialty equipment.

Social Behavior Rules
· NO cameras or cell phones allowed during member events.
· Do not approach or disturb scenes in progress.
· Fetish party/BDSM social protocols enforced.

(More FAQ’S to come… Check back later)

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