Membership and FAQ’s

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New Member  
New members are allowed to RSVP and purchase tickets to regular club events, arrange for studio rentals, and purchase video clips and merchandise through our website.

Vetted Member
Includes all features listed above, plus you may attend extreme member events, live production events as an audience member, or arrange for a private audience.

New members may attend regular events, meet with our staff and request vetting approval. You must demonstrate through attendance at those events that you can conduct yourself in an appropriate manner in an extreme adult environment.

Long standing known members of ClubQuest to the front of the line (you know who you are).

What Is ClubQuest?
ClubQuest is an Exotic Performance Arts Club and Production Studio…ClubQuest specializes in extreme performance art involving various forms of sexual fetishism, BDSM, sexual magick, the tantric arts, erotic role play, and a variety of other exotic theatrical scenarios. ClubQuest provides you the freedom to express, experiment, and expand your own unique sexual identity in a safe, clean, and Sex Positive environment.

Is nudity or sex allowed in your club?
Yes… ClubQuest is a clothing optional, full contact, private membership club.

Are food and beverages available?
Yes… ClubQuest is a fully licensed Deli and Pub. We provide catered menus at all events and have a small bar in the social area of the club which serves beer, wine, champagne, soft drinks, bottle water, juices, etc…

If I am gay/bi/trans will I be welcome?
ClubQuest is a very mixey and open minded environment. Our members are predominantly straight couples and singles, we also have LGBT members, transsexuals, and lots of other freeky peeps. Our membership is eclectic, friendly, and open minded… You are welcome and will be very comfortable in our club without regard to your personal sexual preferences.

Does ClubQuest allow single men and women?
Yes… However, remember that ClubQuest is not a swingers club, not a sex party, and not an orgy. We do not encourage random promiscuity, do not provide or introduce you to play partners, there is no assurance that you will “get lucky” in our club, and you must conduct yourself with dignity at all times.

What is NOT allowed at ClubQuest?
Our rules are designed to keep ClubQuest safe, clean, and lawful. Here is a brief list:

Legal Rules
· No illegal drugs allowed in or around ClubQuest.
· No food or drink may be brought in from outside.
· Minimum age to enter 18, and 21 to purchase alcohol.

Sanitation Rules
· Shower required before hot tub use. No food, drink, or sex allowed in hot tub area.
· No use of hot tub allowed if you have used suntan or massage oils within 24 hours.
· All play stations and equipment must be cleaned thoroughly after each use.
· Cleaning deposit required for use of extreme sex toys – $50 dollars cash only. Fully refundable.

Social Behavior Rules
· NO cameras or cell phones allowed during member events.
· Do not approach or disturb scenes in progress. Respect others boundaries.

(More FAQ’S to come… Check back later)